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Our Group

   "Astilleros Fontec S.A" created in 1995, concentrated on the Naval and Mechanical production area and was followed by "Fontec Engineering" wich focuses on naval consultancy.

   Both firms have ample experience in numerous marine projects and works carried out both in Argentina and abroad and are in this sense, an extension of "Estudio R. Fonquerny".

   These two major companies cover the whole range going from ship design and construction to repairs and cater for all the industry needs. This includes ship-owners and shipyard technical counselling as well as administrative, technical and contract management of the works in:

  • Maritime Navigation.

  • Fishing Vessels.

  • Navigation of rivers and waterways as "Hidrovía Paraguay-Parana.

Contact us


Maipú 692 2ºB – C1426AAG

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires – Argentina

Te: +54 (11) 4322-1484

Fax: +54 (11) 4394-3197



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