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New Buildings

Fontec Engineering was in charge of the analysis and conversion of the original project of what became the 10750 deadweight Bulk Carrier “PU GLORY” (800 TEUS). Likewise, the shipyard area took over the recovery of hull parts under construction (in launching pier) until completed. (See constructions).

Study of works progress of tug boats for later completion.

Finishing study of oil platform support supply vessel of 5650 kW and a 5000 m³ tank capacity chemical tanker. (4350DW)
Research, inspection, preliminary projects and various technical or economic evaluations for the conversion and modification of the best ships liable of conversion. Among the finally converted vessels are the Car Carrier “DON CARLOS”, Freezer ship “BOLIVAR TRADER” and the Panamax size Container vessels “MING UNIVERSE” and “ZRIN”.

Co-project of several conversions (see conversions). Participation in basic engineering, detail design, work control and presentations to the main classification societies (Flag administrations and Classes). Local and foreign ship-owners representatives (see representations).

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