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Main Technical and Engineering Consulting Services:

Project and work control of naval and mechanical constructions, transformations and modifications, in Argentina and abroad. Vast experience in preliminary draft of ships for the transport of livestock, as per owner request and international regulations.

Several ship modifications including main dimensions and characteristics such as lengthening, shortening, widening, dead weight increase, change of propulsion system and improvement of cross and longitudinal stability. Pre-purchase inspection of ships including sailing in some of them.

International experience in presentations before the main classification societies, (BV, DNV, GL, LRS, RINA, etc.) visiting their head offices and branches to discuss large modifications, new proposals, and to discuss relevant less traditional modifications.

Existing ships or constructions inspections. Existing ships and constructions inspections. New alternatives and costs analysis, in order to improve, modify or complete the vessels carried out for local and international owner.

Technical assistance to shipyards or ship-owners, both locally and internationally, involving ship construction and conversion and estimate of special launching.

Preparation of New Stability Manuals of new and modified vessels. Navigation, functioning and unit reception tests. Technical support to land equipment manufacturers to adapt land systems for use onboard.

Project and conversion of Lifeboats according to SOLA regulations.

Floating pier design, irrigation pump power plants, etc. Technical surveillance in legal and non-legal matters related with construction, modifications, transformation in the naval area.

Damage inspection for Insurance Companies. Follow-up of on-going work, cost negotiations.

Dry dock ship maintenance and important programmed repairs.

Fontec Engineering

Fontec Engineering was in charge of the analysis and conversion of the original project of what became the 10750 deadweight Bulk Carrier “PU GLORY” (800 TEUS). Likewise, the shipyard area took over the recovery of hull parts under construction (in launching pier) until completed. (See constructions).

Study of works progress of tug boats for later completion.

Finishing study of oil platform support supply vessel of 5650 kW and a 5000 m³ tank capacity chemical tanker. (4350DW).

Research, inspection, preliminary projects and various technical or economic evaluations for the conversion and modification of the best ships liable of conversion. Among the finally converted vessels are the Car Carrier “DON CARLOS”, Freezer ship “BOLIVAR TRADER” and the Panamax size Container vessels “MING UNIVERSE” and “ZRIN”.

Co-project of several conversions (see conversions). Participation in basic engineering, detail design, work control and presentations to the main classification societies (Flag administrations and Classes).

 Local and foreign ship-owners representatives (see representations).

Floating Casino “Princess”

Analysis and solutions to structural and stability difficulties to optimize the play area of the floating casino “Princess”. Preliminary drawings of s light superstructure, avoiding extra load to the main ship structure and definition of blisters to provide due stability.

Various pre-projects for several yards (fishing boats, river tugboats, etc.) 24 and 28 metres fishing vessels, crab fishing boats, 35 m freezer vessel, and 3000 HP to 4000 HP ocean tug boat.

Catamarán “EZEQUIEL MB”

Owner representative for the (building) contract, management, construction control, and organization for transport at completion from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia-final destination—sailing independently to operate immediately for tourism in the Beagle Channel. Staff had previously worked in the construction of the “ANA B” Catamaran for the same owner and cruise and also in a series of catamarans among which are the Bariloche catamarans for Turisur SRL.

Project Container Carrier Barge FONTEC BP95-500


Project and detail drawings for the construction of two container carrier barges suitable for navigation in the Paraguay-Parana waterway and a far as the Montevideo Port.
Designed for RINA classification as "C+HULL pontoon-equipped for the carriage of containers; inland waterways (2.0)".

Length: 94.2 m, breadth: 27.04m, geometrical capacity of 494 TEUS including installations for 40 FEUS fridge units.

Stability Calculations and Loading Manuals

We own the HECSDS” de Herbert-ABS software, accepted by the most important classification societies which allows stability tests in damaged and perfect conditions. Confection of Stability Manuals for different types of ships according to international regulations.

The following types of vessels were analysed: double hull oil tankers, sailing and fishing boats 16m length and above, including the new rules of PNA (Prefectura Naval Argentina), pontoons for works, floating piers, push-tug vessels, river and ocean barges, cattle ships for livestock transport, container ships, etc.

Fishing Net Drum (Roller)


Fishing Net Drum (Roller) design, construction management and installation. Hydraulic pier equipment, with manual brake and a 2m³ holding capacity, used in the fishing vessels of the FONTEC P16-40 type.

Fishing Winch

Fishing winch design for “Split” use (open deck) of 2500Kg pull and hoist each of 75m/minute and 600m of 18m diameter plus 180m rope, 32mm diameter, manual brake, automatic spooling device, warping head and hydraulic power for the fishing boat type FONTEC P21-110.

Waterway Containership


Proyect of the modification of 3 sister container ships in order to increase their cargo capacity and to eliminate their hatch covers.

Repowering Tugboat “LAZARO”

The project included the installation of the new engines, foundation modifications, reduction gears, piping systems, shaft scantlings, modification of the machinery casings, etc. Inclination tests and stability booklet. Documents presentation for approval by the Classification Society and PNA (Prefectura Naval Argentina).

Fishing Vessel “TABEIRIN TRES” TYPE: FONTEC P21-110

Project and detail drawings for the construction of the trawler and catch vessel “Tabeiron Tres” of length 20.9m, breadth 6.6 m and 105 m³ net hold volume. The construction of this Fontec P21-110 type was carried out in the “Coserena Shipyard S.A.” thus becoming the first vessel of its type constructed in the province of Santa Cruz and entirely classified by RINA (Registro Italiano Navale) with the highest notation in its class.


Construction management for the hull lengthening and widening and the re-powering of the tug boat “PAMPERO I”. Repairing the existing hull and prefabrication of new parts to be assembled and fitted in new hull.

3D electronic model of the engine room, isometric and workshop drawings for the prefabrication and set up of the different piping systems, including their installation


Due to the excellent performance of the fishing boat “TUYUPESCA I”, the owners requested a second vessel, the “TUYUPESCA II”, similar to the former but with increased hold volume.

Fishing Boat “TUYUPESCA I” TYPE: FONTEC P16-40

Project, detail drawings and management for the construction of the fishing trawler “TUYUPESCA I”. Length: 13.1m, breadth: 5.8m, hold net weight: 40 m³. This is a construction of the “FONTEC P16-40” type with reduced draught to operate from The General Lavalle Port, Province of Buenos Aires.

Push Boat “ZONDA I”

Technical owner representative t the hull deck house construction stage of the tug pusher “ZONDA I”.

3D electronic model of the engine room, isometric and workshop drawings for the construction and set up of the different piping systems, including the equipment installation.

Floating Pier

Project and detail drawings for the construction of a floating pier for the Puerto Deseado inlet, connecting its access with the coast. Length: 75.0m, breadth: 13.0m and depth: 2.2m.


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