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Farid F

Nada ex Zrin

Rodolfo Mata

"Astilleros Fontec is responsible for several preliminary designs, projects and construction of ship convesion, vessels specially designed for massive transportation of livestock - sheep and cattle - at long distances.

Projects comprise both the works and a suitable and inspection and search of the best ships to be satisfactorily, economically and efficiently converted according to the rules of the International Classification Societies which regulate the service as well as those dictated by AMSA (Australia Maritime Safety Authority), MAF (Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries - New Zeland), and those corresponding to the Irish Republic.

Different types of ships have been transformed including Passenger ships, Liquid cargo ships (Oil tankers), Reefers, Palletizing Vessels, and Roll-on Roll-off (Ro-Ro), Car Carriers Vessels, and recently, Container ships of the Panamax Type.All the above implied structural hull, superstructure and accomodation changes as well as in the different ship systems and equipment.

Massive sea transport of live cattle is demanding. It requires adequate rooming and reliable systems for control and care of animals during the travel, time at port and during loading and unloading of cargo. This is achieved with appropriate, flexible and dependable furnishings wich will ensure the proper medication, ventilation, storage and distribution of food, the generation and provision of drinking water, cleaning, desinfection and retention and treatment of effluents.

Previous Conversions

Our staff had previously been actively involved in the conversions and modifications of the vessels "AL FARES", "CYRUS", "DANNY F", "FERNANDA F", "PERSIA", etc. for sheep and cattle transport. Works were carried out in Europe and Asia.

It is important to mention that following owner request, the same staff remained in contact with the ships during different modifications required by different contracts and attended regular maintenance and Dry Dock control works.

Conversión del Buque Frigorífico “BOLIVAR TRADER”.

The ship was transformed into the “FARID F” Cargo ship for the carrying massive livestock (length: 140.7 m, breadth: 18.0 m, depth: 11.6 m), with net capacity for 5000 sqm of sheep and cattle. The transformation works were carried out in Romania and included important remodelling of the cargo area (removal of cranes, insulation materials, access devices, freezing equipment, hatch covers and hatch cover lids). The transformation of the ship tanks together with the construction of new water and fuel tanks to increase its endurance must be included among the works done as well as the set up of the engine room to accept the new construction, upgrade the cargo capacity and the carrying of animals during long trips.

Conversion of the Car Carrier Vessel “DON CARLOS”.

This ship was transformed into “DANNY F II” for transport livestock (sheep) (length: 202.6 m, breadth: 28.0 m, depth: 27.1 m), and later transformed in Singapore to carry sheep and cattle livestock with a net pen capacity of 34000 sqm.

This work was completed and delivered in a record time of 110 days from the moment the ship´s arrival at the shipyard.

Conversion of the Container Vessel “MING UNIVERSE”.

This was a Container Carrier Panamax Size which was transformed into a Cargo Vessel for massive livestock “RODOLFO MATA” (length: 213.2 m, breadth: 32.2 m, depth: 18.7 m), with 40000 sqm net capacity of pen area for cattle and sheep, the largest of its type worldwide to this day.

The transformation wich was carried out in Singapore, included among others, significant hull changes, original designs of the furnishing section and services for carrying livestock, remodelling and enlargement of the pen area and the set up of important equipment for loading, stowing and distributing food, freshwater makers and the increase of electric generation to service cargo.

Conversion of the Container Vessel "ZRIN"

The Panamax Size Container Ship was converted into the cattle vessel "NADA" (lenght: 201.5m, breath 32.2m, depth 18.7m), with a net pen area of 29000 sqm for cattle and sheep. The conversion was made in China (2011) following the original design criteria used on the "RODOLFO MATA". The conversion included among others the relocation of the existing fuel oil tanks as well as the effluents retention system according to the MARPOL Rules.

Additional placement was fitted with onboard loading cargo and food distribution system, an important freshwater plant set up together with extended electric power to attend to the cargo service with suitable redundancy.

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